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Vi proponiamo un esempio di lettera di raccomandazione in lingua inglese, scritta da un dirigente di una ipotetica società per un'ipotetica stagista impegnata per alcuni mesi all'interno di un'azienda operante nel settore della comunicazione.

esempio lettera raccomandazione in inglese

 (place, date)

Anthony Brown by this letter certifies :         

That Sophie Stevenson was employed by (Name of the company) between June and December 2011.

During this time, she was  working as a digital journalist, writing content for theme web sites. Her work was fundamental in the location of projects, and she contributed largely to content translation and adaptation for users and digital marketplace from Spanish to French.

 The tasks performed include the following :

• Market research and online competition

• Writing and translation of specialized content for web projects

• Management of web content using CMS WordPress

• Conducting studies of SEO positioning

• Marketing and promotion of projects on-line web

• Tracking and monitoring results

Sophie Stevenson is  responsible, dynamic,  and committed to performing her duties and has the capacity and willingness to learn quickly. She also has a remarkable ease and zeal to work in a team.

 With this letter, I affirm that Sophie Stevenson should be considered  as a good candidate to continue further in the selection processes. I commend widely her professional and personal behavior.

For the record and the appropriate purposes, I sign this letter and I remain at your disposal to clarify any questions or provide more information.


Anthony Brown 

CEO of (Name of the company)



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