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Ecco un modello di lettera di presentazione in inglese, o cover letter, da allegare al tuo curriculum vitae, da cui potrai prendere spunto per redarre la tua, soprattutto se devi cercare lavoro all'estero.

Esempio di lettera di presentazione in ingleseSarah W. Morris 
4604 N. 192 Ave Cir
Elkhorn, Ne 68022

15 November, 2012

University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Marketing & PR Coordinator
1400 R Street

Lincoln, Ne 68588

To whom it may concern,

            I am applying for the Marketing & PR Coordinator position for the School of Music.  I am a recent graduate of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and have full knowledge of the university, its traditions and its values.

Aside from being a true Husker, I also have experience that has enhanced my education.  As the Secretary and PR officer for the College of Journalism and Mass Communications Student Advisory Board, I developed new ideas for faculty and student involvement as well as increased communication through forums and town hall meetings.  Being a member and an officer of Delta Delta Delta has taught me invaluable knowledge about success, values and relationships.  I recruited young women with characteristics reflecting my sorority and also educated active members on the role of a Tri Delta in order to maintain an image that only members of my sorority have, both locally and nationally. As an Account Services Intern for Summon Press in Valencia, Spain, I dug deeper into analyzing how to target a specific audience by using various analytic tools.  Once I learned about a demographic, I was then able to produce, edit and publish content as well as use social media to engage and lock in that demographic. During my last semester at UNL I was part of the winning team of the Craftsman Campaign competition that took place in the CoJMC campaigns class. In order to achieve that victory I worked with my teammates to produce a thorough campaign for Craftsman Lawn & Garden Tools that included a marketing plan.  The marketing plan was executed through research, social media, traditional advertising techniques and guerilla marketing. In addition to my education and experience, I have gumption.  I have that extra spark that adds enough of my own personality and charisma while still being professional.  With my background I am qualified for this job and I am asking you for the position.

I know that hard work and dedication is the root of success and I want to thank you for your time.  Upon completing my application I will follow-up with an e-mail inquiring about the status of the process.  I should also note that I am finishing up my internship in Spain and am unable to be contacted by phone until February 15th when I return to Nebraska. However, I am available via e-mail and Skype until then.

Respectfully yours,

Sarah W. Morris

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